Musical Commissions

Add a memorable tune to your brand with personalized, original theme music


I’ve worked with Vtubers, Streamers and Singers.Notable Clients: KisaVtuber, Kaori Lupine, ArkomiKitty, RemiTheSiren, Dokibird, Sugiecoated, OrcaTsukii

My Influences

Yuki Kajiura, Ryuichi Sakomoto, AKFG, Studio Ghibli, FictionJunction, Chopin, toe, Clannad, Joe Hashashi, God (Hymns)

Types of Genres

From Classical/Traditional to Electro/EDM to Djent/Hard Rock; I do a tidbit of everything.Below are my music services. They are priced per 30 Seconds (currency: USD). Increase duration are available upon request.*Prices are subject to change based on complexity

Background/Mood Setting Music
($150 per 30 seconds*)

Great for events such as "Just Chatting", "Starting Soon", "Brb", "Ending Soon"

*This is my base price. Subject to change based on complexity. Willing to Accommodate with client's budget.

BGM/Mood Setting Examples

Above is Art by the wonderful @Mynotar (Twitter/X)

Collaboration Album with @UTALIVEpro (Twitter/X)

Character theme/Image song/Musical
($300 per 1 Minute || Vocal $600/ 2-3 min*)

Great for Animations/Movies and Singles

Includes Focused Mixing and Mastering

*This is my base price; including Mixing and Mastering. Subject to change based on simplicity. Willing to Accommodate with client's budget.

OST/Image Song Examples

Dokibird's The Final Heist MV
♪ Credits:
»Music: nownoir (
»Movie/Script: Rakkun (
»Art: Linkaimane (
»Gifs: hoopyon (

Thank you for your time
Glory to the Journey

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